Makeup powder and foundation use

Makeup powder and foundation use

Wait a few minutes for your foundation to settle before rubbing the paste.

Soak the brush in the powder, blow gently onto the bristles, soak in the excess of the powder and feed the powder with the repetitive round movements. This process makes your powder more durable and more suitable for oily skin types.

The top of the powder brush should be dome-shaped and not cover the entire area. However, it is useful to sweep the excess powder over the face as it scans the entire surface.

As a general rule, how soft and bulky a brush is, how good the texture is so good.

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Do not neglect to beneath your eyes, along the length of your nose to your nose, and to lightly powder your jeweler’s nails. provide the mesh, prevent the fine facial hair from catching the powder particles, and fit the bottom of your face to achieve an even image. Dispense with sweeping motion to get the skin to blend well.

If you are going to make eye makeup, you should leave a layer of translucent powder on the underside of the eye in the shape of a half-circle beforehand so that you can collect the remaining particles that can fall after the application of the beard. The powder will serve as a magnet for these brow-residue. After finishing the riding process, sweep with a soft brush to avoid road coloring in your face. (This item is not recommended for aged skin.) If you are using a velvet pom-pon for application, apply the face smoothly.

Makeup powder and foundation use

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