Makeup Room

Makeup Room

A makeup can be made everywhere if the necessary materials are given, but it is more comfortable to work in a private room for makeup.

The benefit of such rooms is that there is an individual dressing room, a large area for group make-up, and a mirror with a make-up table. In the average dressing room there are mirrors surrounded by naked light bulbs. More adequate regulation has been to get the light source darker. A hole allows the filtering of color tools to bring the hall lighting closer. This will never have the same effect as hall lights, but it will come closer to the lights of the general dressing room.

If such an arrangement is not possible, at least make sure that such enlightenment is appropriate.

If fluorescent lamps are used, arrange a hot light color tube or specify color materials for use under light. Individual illuminated mirrors will be very useful for indoor work when lighting around the mirrors is convenient. No matter what kind of lighting is used, it is tempting to have two spot lamps in the general make-up rooms with tools in the lighted make-up rooms to approach the lights used for the game.

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The player can control the make-up at any time under suitable colored lights. The spots can be ignited at the corners of a length mirror to provide the triangle of illumination. The height of a makeup table should be at least 70 cm and the actor must have a drawer to hold the precious items during the demonstration. A manager who is responsible for clearing the scum is a great comfort. A trash can or a special part made in a table is also ideal for putting used goods.

If there is a gap in the six or corners of the mirror, the corner of the small shelves or the eyes made for makeup will help to eliminate the clutter on the table. The drawers under the mirror will be very useful for putting special items or placing wigs on the blocks during the show. It is a very good idea to prepare these types of cabins locked.

A stool is more practical than a chair for use on makeup. Restricting chair movements. The stool makes it easier for the actor to get up and back quickly, and to move easily when he seats without turning the chair back and reinstating it. A piano drama is practically in terms of size. Although it is not necessary to inflate and tile the stool, a person sitting for hours on the make-up table provides considerable comfort.

In professional theaters, players make their own make-ups as usual, but there may be a person or group who does make-up in non-professional theaters. These places in the clothing rooms are an additional weight which often becomes very crowded. When there are such situations, people who are going to make up must have rooms that are big enough to live.

There must be a running water in each makeup room. The make-up rooms not only include running water, but also materials suitable for wrapping make-up and wigs. Small-eyed bags are very useful. A customizable barber or dental chair can be very useful for makeup artist and can be the standard feature of a makeup room.

The general make-up room should be close to the dressing room and, if possible, saloon. It is very important that the make-up room is next to the salon if you need a quick make-up during the game. Good ventilation is essential.

Makeup Room

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