Makeup Trends For Over 50

Stacked Strips My YouTuber secret: Layer two sets of lashes for extra oomph, or pick up prestacked ones. Pair it with: bold liner and a natural-looking pink on cheeks and lips to keep attention on your eyes. ARDELL Double Up Lashes in #207 Black, $8, Sally Beauty Supply stores.

Individual Clusters These are great for a subtle look. Squeeze a small blob of glue on the back of your hand, then dip the end of a lash in the glue and press it to your lashline. If your lash set has various lengths, wear the longest ones at your outer corners. Pair it with: brown shadow and liner for a natural vibe. BENEFIT Going Solo Lash.

Glitter Accents Flashy lashes are amazing, but all that glitz can make them heavy and harder to apply. It always helps when I look down into a mirror while I rest my elbows on a flat surface.

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Makeup Trends For Over 50

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