Mandy Moore Long Hairstyles

Getting our facts straight Hair is dead

Unlike our skin which is alive, hair is made up of dead cells, keratin and water. Hair cannot heal the damage we may unknowingly or deliberately be inflicting upon it.

Sad but also true, you only get one chance with your hair. The short term benefits of torturing your hair into submission for a night out can come at the cost of damaging the entire structure of your precious mane.

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Once you’ve inflicted damage, you can’t permanently repair it. Your weakened hair becomes increasingly easier to damage and your current hair-care practices, or lack of, could be exacerbating and compounding further damage.

This is why it is so important to treat and pamper your luscious locks, to prevent damage in the first place. It’s the reason you’ve chosen to read this blog!

One essential part of preventing damage is to adopt a good hair care routine.

Mandy Moore Long Hairstyles

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