Slow Beauty is a philosophy, but how each individual practices it should feel different because we are all different and unique. Beauty is a way of life with countless compositions of varying sizes, shapes, forms, and colors. Just as there is not one catchall variety of outer physical beauty, neither is there one for internal beauty. Sure, there are many universal tips and tricks that I can (and will!) offer you, but it’s also vital that each of us caters our own Slow Beauty routine to the uniquely beautiful creature we are and to those specific things in life that bring us joy and peace.


With all of this in mind, I’m especially excited about the final Mapping section of this blog because this is really the essence of Slow Beauty and what we’re ultimately striving for. It is here that you will really get in touch with your own path where you are at right now, where you want to go, and how you will get there. For each of us, those answers are beautifully personal. Through a series of written, artistic, and mental exercises, I will offer you an avenue for digging into that deepest part of yourself to find what specific things you need to realize the full strength, energy, and luminous beauty of your inner core.

you write the slow beauty user’s manual: practice makes process

The ideas in this blog are both additive and subtractive you can build on what you are already doing and you can easily drop anything you find in here that simply isn’t resonating with you. It is through this process of developing your own Slow Beauty practice that you will have the opportunity to get to know yourself better; to get in touch with your inner wisdom; and to shut out all of the outside noise and influences to find that core of what makes you joyful.

Most important, I encourage you to engage with this blog. Make it your own! Have a pen by you at all times so that you can circle words that call out to you, make notes, or doodle. Underline, draw in it, dog-ear it, highlight, write in the margins, react, glue things to the pages, add pages anything goes. This is your blog, and your blog should have your process all over it. The idea is to transform it into something that is meaningful to you. It’s meant to be referenced again and again, carried around as a companion, and the rituals and recipes tried and tweaked to suit your personal style and taste.

What’s more is that, although you are creating your own program, you don’t have to go it alone! Of course you may do this as a solitary practice if you wish, but Slow Beauty is also set up in such a way that you can build a community around it to support your process, and, through this, you can also support others. (In fact, on here I will show you how to form a group to develop your Slow Beauty practice.) What I want to emphasize is that this blog is simultaneously very personal and very communal. But, most of all, it’s whatever works for you. This is in no way a rigid, prescriptive, follow-the-rules-or-else tome. It’s a joyful, living, breathing, and liberating practice; not something to be perfected, but something that is always in process, just like the changing, evolving, human being you are.


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