Meat Bowl is The New Taco Tuesday White Plate

On one of our road trips, Jack and I stopped at a chain burrito place and tried to figure out the best way to eat healthy, which is how our obsession with the meat bowl was born.

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We make this buffet bar style for our kids so they can choose their own veggies and other items to make it the way they like it best.

This layout is also very colorful and a great way to impress your guests. Plus, it is very simple to pull together.


Lean meat such as shredded, cooked chicken Cooked brown rice Shredded lettuce Salsa

Corn kernels

Sliced or diced bell peppers

Beans: kidney, pinto, chickpeas whatever you like

Low fat sour cream

Low fat cheese, shredded

Berries of your choice

Blue corn chips

Mission low-carb, whole-wheat tortillas Method:

Place each ingredient in a separate bowl or dish and let everyone help themselves!


Choose lean meat; my family loves shredded chicken, so that’s our usual. I usually offer some berries, because my kids like a tiny bit of sweet with their meals. My kids ALWAYS want some blue corn chips. If your kids really need a wrap, you can use the Mission low carb whole-wheat tortillas.

Meat Bowl is The New Taco Tuesday White Plate

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