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Don’t stress me out for your healtly hair

A too stressful lifestyle can alter the growth cycle of your hair and can prematurely terminate the normal duration of active hair growth.

The Facts: Stress is a natural part of life. Too much prolonged stress, however, can accelerate and aggravate hair loss by increasing your testosterone levels and put hair into a dormant resting phase.59

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A condition called stress alopecia results when a large number of hair follicles prematurely enter the resting phase and fall out at the same time.60 Stress alopecia can occur with:

* Certain medications

* Nutritional deficiencies

* Surgery

* Illness

* Exams

* Divorce

* Child birth

* Sleep deprivation

* Dehydration

* Life’s trivialities

Basically, any chronic stressful life experiences can affect your hair’s health.

The impact on your hair from a stressful event can sometimes occur 3-4 months after the event has passed. The ability to relax and let go of worries will determine your stress levels.

Medium Curly Haircut Styles 

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