Medium Haircuts For Thin Hair 

The buffalo hair track

Parting your hair in the same place can cause what is called a ‘buffalo track’; that is, a well worn ‘track’ which appears as a permanent parting of the hair. The most common is the centre part. It is not a look that suits all face shapes.

The Facts: Over time, this track tends to widen. Traction alopecia can exacerbate the parting and cause thinning of the exposed area. Regularly ‘retraining’ your hair to part different ways will lessen the width of your ‘buffalo track’ and enable you to wear different styles.

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Daylight robbery

Everyday, unbeknownst to you, you could be robbing yourself of healthy hair and causing damage to your luscious locks.

The Facts: Seat belts, backpacks, handbag straps and even leaning against the back of a chair reading your emails can pull and snag your hair, leading to breakages.

Daytime hair protection is essential to stopping accidental breakage, and means wearing your hair up during the day to protect it.

Medium Haircuts For Thin Hair 

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