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This process first came to me when I was asked to change the hair color of one of my clients for a film role. Her hair is usually ultra-light blonde, but the director wanted her to change her color to dark brown. Her hair is very fine and she likes her light blonde hair color. Instead of going ahead with a severe and potentially damaging permanent color treatment, I suggested she use a dark-tinted hair mousse, which would shampoo out, and not penetrate, the hair shaft as deeply as the permanent tint would.

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She went to the director and explained this was what she would like to do due to the possibility of breakage and permanent damage. The director said to ask me if I knew of a good wig shop. So, we went to the wig shop and chose the exact shade she needed. The good news was my client retained her pretty soft blonde color and her healthy hair. A few months later, another client asked how she would be able to tell how she would look and feel, if she made a major color change.

I brought her to the wig shop and the plan worked yet again. The process is very simple and you can do it in just a few minutes. Schedule it as a fun diversion on the way to a lunch date with a good friend. Although it’s simple and doesn’t take much effort, it could save you a great deal of money and agony.

We color our hair for many reasons. We ofen shy away from a change because it can be difficult to know just how we would feel with a new color change. Some of you will never change your color because you’re paralyzed by the fear of seeing yourself in a new shade. What if you don’t like it?

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