Medium Length Asymmetrical Haircuts 

I decided that I wanted my curls to look more defined, polished and moist as opposed to wearing a drier-looking style. The beautiful thing about embracing your natural hair is it is possible for you to achieve the look that your hair was naturally created to have and also achieve the look that you desire. This however comes with a commitment to invest the time needed in working with your hair to achieve your goals.

Medium Length Asymmetrical Haircuts  Photo Gallery

With this decision made, my quest began to achieve nicely defined curls. In my quest for beautiful, polished, moist and defined curls I must admit that I became a complete “product junkie”! Everything that advertised itself as being a “curl definer”, “curl booster”, “curl amplifier”, “curl quencher”, “curl enhancer”, “curl keeper” or “curly product” I tried. Some products I liked, however, most products I didn’t. Needless to say, a lot of money was spent on products and a lot of money was wasted.

Medium Length Asymmetrical Haircuts 

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