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Another of Bill’s TV songs is due to appear in Medium length haircuts for round faces overThe Big Bang Theoryin March 2015. Entitled The Apartments, it is a narrative song about relationships that get squeezed in cramped living conditions.We live together but we live alone, Bill wryly observed. The band name title-song, Hey Harley, was originally a latter-day Pointer Sistersnumber. Bill sang it in an almost Lennon-esque vocal style with jangly-guitar arpeggio backing and Lizanne’s harmonies enhancing the melody. There is a hint of the ex-Beatle’s Beautiful Boy on this strong number.

The duo encored with the piece that Lizanne described as her most covered song. Medium length haircuts for round faces over Appearing on her 2006 album UNDER THE BURNING SKY, Angels is a soulful ballad, sprinkled with questions and a few tenderly expressed answers.

I know love like the oceans falls forever to the sky and I know that there are angels given us, given us.

Once again Lizanne and Bill demonstrate the strength of their individual writing ability and the complete togetherness of their hand-in-glove performance. Hey Harley is a great combination of two creative treasures at their peak. Buy their album, watch their concerts and enjoy their artistry! Simon Beards

Phil Alvin stands there, trim, Medium length haircuts for round faces over smart and as masterful as ever he did in the days of the classic days of the Blasters. Dave, with neat beard and cowboy hat, is the man of today, cool and collected rather than the wild-eyed and wild-quiffed days of yore. It’s a sight that many thought they would never see, for a couple of reasons. The Alvins have been known for their brotherly spats that kept them and their band, the Blasters, apart. And with Phil narrowly escaping death after collapsing during a show in 2012 that might well have been the end of it. But, perversely, Phil’s illness has brought them together, for the album tribute to Big Bill Broonzy and a string of spine-tingling dates.

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Medium length haircuts for round faces over

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