Medium long haircuts for thin hair

NEUTRALISER This is a special shampoo that stops chemicals from breaking down your hair bonds after using a relaxer. If not used, you could have a burnt scalp and experience hair loss. Dark and Lovely Fat Protein Food Shampoo, R24.95 NO-LYE A no-lye relaxer is mild, with a lower pH than lye. It’s gentler on the scalp and can be used at home or in a salon. Most no-lye relaxers include activators (you mix a liquid into the cream) before applying. CAIVIL No-Lye Relaxer, R21.99 ORGANIC An organic product must include at least 95% organically produced ingredients. Organic means the products are safe for the environment and do not have harsh chemicals. POMADE This is a scented ointment for hair. It’s thick and helps keep a sculptured look in place for longer. THE BLUEBEARDS Revenge Pomade, R260

Medium long haircuts for thin hair Photo Gallery

Medium long haircuts for thin hair

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