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Marriage is no longer a requirement for adulthood. There are single and committed people alike who no longer feel the need to get married as a status symbol. There are couples who cohabit but do not feel the need to have a piece of paper that proves they are in love.

Marriage is no longer a prerequisite to having children either. There’s evidence that supports the idea that married couples make better parents, possibly because there hasn’t been much research into alternative family structures. It’s not marriage alone that gives incredible parenting powers: it is the stability of a home, a good relationship, and a great support system. Medium wavy haircuts for women Certificates and rings do not provide that mature, honest, good people do. Marriage also shouldn’t be about financial benefits.

Marriage as the assumed end goal creates a stigma for unmarried people (like myself) who are viewed as less stable and less likely to be able to build a life or raise children despite being as stable as married people. Medium wavy haircuts for women I’m not saying we should eradicate marriage, but we should rethink its importance.


“I met a chiropractor and found him cute, smart, and funny. We went out a couple of times and he convinced me to see him for my back problems. After a few sessions, he still hadn’t asked me out again, so I asked him out. He responded by saying he didn’t want to ruin our relationship because he really cared about my spine. LEANNE, 26 guy on one of the tours. Medium wavy haircuts for women We went out for dinner and drinks that night and made out. Things were getting pretty hot, but since we were both rooming with our families, we found a dark corner outside my hotel and hooked up right on the street. Talk about a trip to remember! nikki, 25

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Medium wavy haircuts for women

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