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She is taught how to walk and carry herself on the wedding day, especially wearing her heavy bridal attire. The professional help and practice give her more self-confidence. Like with the grooming of beauty queens, professional grooming for brides seems to be becoming a trend. Traditional weddings are very much a part of Indian life, and will always be there. But, our mindset is changing and this influence is being felt in each aspect of life, including traditional Indian weddings.

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“Now You Can Feed Your Hair With Healthiest Super Food” Megan Fox

Introducing the next revolution in hair care industry with the healthiest vegan super-food Quinoa, which contains 70% of proteins. Biotop professional offers spa treatments for all hair types.

Zorain Khaleeli, Make-up Artist & Owner Megan Fox

Trends recommened Base/foundation – keep it flawless and real. As we head towards winter, the skin could be a bit more dewy as compared to the summer trend of matte. Airbrush is the new perfect bet; for the eyes use more of nudes towards tones of champagne and pale pink; dreamy wide eyes with white kohl; liners and smokey eyes in deep colours are in vogue; bronze gold takes a backseat; since the eyes are dreamy, the lips can add to the story with pastels in pinks and peach for the subtle brides to the bold evergreen pinks and reds, but with a deeper undertone. For the experimental bride, the wines and deep plums can add zing.


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