Some of the fear of wearing fur has dissipated because much of it bears little resemblance to the actual animal it came from. In 1992, furs popularity had dwindled so much that manufacturers began experimenting with new techniques that would disguise fur. Now, a woman could know that she was wearing a fur coat and enjoy feeling the softness against her skin but wouldnt have to fear walking down the street in it. A September 1992 issue of the New York Times Magazine included a feature entitled Furs in Disguise. It described new technology that allowed fur to be woven, textured, and patterned into all sorts of colorful, mod looks. In 2000, Harpers Bazaar featured a $95,000 Fendi mink coat, one of only fourteen made and dyed red, fuchsia, lavender, blue, black, and umber that looked more like velvet that had been printed with a pattern. Toward the end of the century, high-tech advances made faux fur look even more like the real thing. Now, we could give someone the benefit of the doubt: maybe she was wearing faux fur. When stylist Phillip Bloch works with clients who dont like fur, hell remove a real fur collar on a coat from, say, Dolce & Gabbana, and replace it with faux fur, then do the old switcheroo when he returns it to the designer. So when you see a celebrity wearing a coat lined with fox, its possible that your eyes are deceiving you. MARKETING Just a thirty-minute drive north of Copenhagen, in Sandbjerg, Denmark, stands a magnificent farmhouse estate, the type of domicile youd expect to see in the pages of Sothebys Domain magazine wedged between the Neoclassical Palace in Evian, France, and the Waterfront Country Estate in Salzburg, Austria. In addition to a stunning turn-ofthe- century thatched-roof mansion, the twelve-acre property also houses a dazzling pool, as well as a fountain, fish pond, and courtyard, lush trees, and perfectly manicured hedges. Inside the historic house, youll find a few unexpectedly modern touches funky light fixtures, bright sofas, an electric-blue rug, and then theres the fur lots of fur. The Danish estate is no ordinary residence its the home of the Saga Furs International Design Center (SIDC). Since 1988, Saga has welcomed over twenty thousand professionals from around the world fashion designers, furriers, trend forecasters, teachers, and design students, among others. Designers at all levels are lured by an all- expenses-paid five-day getaway at the sprawling estate. During their stay, designers relax at the estate, enjoy gourmet food in the mansions dining room lined with fine art, take field trips to a local fur farm, and learn about the newest fur techniques in one of Sagas on-site : Buy 2015 New Arrival Hot Sale Jeansian Collection … Ltf

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