In the ongoing war against fur, two internationally known animal-rights groups have played a significant role in shaping the publics opinions of the anti-fur movement: PETA and the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). The Publicists: PETA In early February 2000, twenty-two-year-old Kristie Phelps caught wind that Michael Kor fall line, set to debut at New York Fashion Week on the eleventh, would be a virtual fur extravaganza. Phelps told her friends at PETA, where she works as a full-time campaign coordinator, and the wheels of protest were put into motion. For years, PETA had been sending Kors, who regularly uses fur, letters and videos with graphic scenes of fur-bearing animals having their necks broken and being electrocuted. Unsurprisingly, the designer never responded. We decided the next best thing was to embarrass him in hopes that he would stop and pay attention to the issue, says Phelps. The day of the show, Phelps dressed attractively (nonleather shoes, of course), then went over to the tents at Bryant Park, the illustrious site of Fashion Week. Carefully nestled under her jacket was a tofu cream pie she had whipped up earlier from a recipe of vegan pie crust and vegan Hip Whip whipped cream. Ticketless, she wasnt sure if she would get in the door or not. All ticket-holders, ushers announced. In all the crowded chaos, a group of people managed to rush past the ushers, sweeping Phelps along with them to the standing-room-only area. She watched nervously as the models strutted the catwalk in glorious fur scarves and fur-trimmed coats. Having never attended a fashion show before, Phelps expected it to last at least an hour, so she was taken off guard when Kors came out to give his bow just fifteen minutes later. She rushed the runway, hurled the tofu pie at Kors, and shouted, Fur shame! The airborne soy barely hit the arm of the designers jacket, and the rest flew into the crowd. The next thing I knew, I was being led away by police, Phelps recalls. She spent the night in jail and was sentenced to serve seven days of community service.The Complete Guide To Men’s Loafers | FashionBeans Ltf

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