Another problem with the outdated FFA is that it doesnt take into account all the modern-day things we do to our clothes. In 2001, Consumer Reports found that using liquid fabric softener on cotton clothing makes it more flammable because it fluffs up the fibers. The magazines researchers also conducted studies on how various drying methods affect flammability. When they used the government protocol hand washing and line drying all garments met the federal standard. But, as we know, that government standard was passed in the 1950s, when most homemakers washed and dried their clothes without the aid of the wonderful technologies we have today. When the researchers repeated the test using the more modern method machine washing and machine drying several garments failed the flammability tests, and most burned faster than the line-dried swatches. Again, it was the fault of the fluff factor. Electric dryers fluff up individual fibers, producing a more fertile ground for fire to spread. Theres no reason to believe that your clothes will spontaneously combust at any moment. But too many of us are under the false impression that our clothes are more flame resistant than they actually are because theyve been tested by the federal government. Of course, no clothing company sets out to hurt people. That would just be bad business. But some do try to squeak by with the lowest level of compliance to save money. So its important that consumers themselves be aware of the risks. CHEMICALS Were all living in a chemical soup. Lance A. Wallace, environmental scientist Most of us take for granted the many high-tech innovations in the apparel industry all those chemicals that are used to dye, strengthen, remove stains and wrinkles, waterproof, make flame retardant, add sheen, and supply our clothes with the myriad other characteristics they now possess. Most Fashion Victims are happy to overlook these substances, just as we ignore the additives in the packaged foods we eat its the what we dont know cant hurt us mentality.Men Shoes Casual on Pinterest | Men’s shoes, Men Sneakers and For Men Ltf

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