WHEN CLOTHES ATTACK! As with every juicy moral controversy (fur, cloning, euthanasia) the difference between right and wrong depends greatly on one thing public opinion. A styles offensiveness is often measured in the amount of protest it receives. A jacket with the words America Sucks printed on the lapel will be pulled from a designers line if more than one person objects. Of course, theres no finite number at which the tide turns designers dont wait around for, say, the 153rd person to complain before taking a garment off shelves, but rather start to backpedal when there are just enough dissenters to make a big stink over the issue. To offend in a fashion show is one thing; to offend in the store is another. A designer may garner a bit of negative publicity from a show, but if customers are incensed by something they see on the rack, the designers business will suffer. And that is simply intolerable. How can something as harmless as fashions arouse such strong feelings among so many? Its easier than you might think. Fashion is inherently provocative. Or at least it should be. But theres a difference between pushing the envelope and being downright inconsiderate. In this age of political correctness, when were hypersensitive over certain hot-button issues like religion and race, its sometimes difficult for Fashion Victims to decide between right and wrong.See the New Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars Ltf

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