Messages From Beyond

I ve been putting on live shows for eight years now and it never fails to amaze me just how busy it can be on stage with all the comings and goings from the other side. Spirits usually contact me when they have something important to share, and I received some lovely messages during my recent show in Yeovil “ the energy was amazing! WORDS OF COMFORT I had a spirit join me as soon as the show began “ he kept repeating the words, Im travelling. It wasnt until towards the end of the first half that I revealed his presence to the audience (there were lots of spirits trying to get my attention!). I sensed the name Jack and could see that this man had died from a heart attack. An image of a large lorry kept coming through to me too.

A lady in the audience stood up. My uncle was called Jack and he used to drive lorries “ he died from a heart attack, she shared. She said it wasnt the first time shed had a spiritual encounter with him either; her uncle was regularly making contact. Jack wanted to tell his niece that he was always there with her and the rest of her family, and that if she ever wanted some support she only had to ask and he would give her a sign. He said that he wasnt in pain he died “ he had passed suddenly but quickly. Im with Andy now, he added. The audience member smiled, that was my grandads name.

A STRANGERS KINDNESS Part way through the second half of the show, a man who had tragically died on a motorbike came through. Suddenly, I felt like Id been swept away to the place where he had fallen off his bike and I could clearly see the moment his spirit had left his body. A brave lady in the audience stood. I tried to save a man who had fallen off his motorbike, but it was too late, she said. The spirit then went on to give me the name Mandy. Thats me, she acknowledged. The spirit wanted to say thank you to Mandy for trying to save his life. He also said that he didnt ever stray far from the scene and he was really grateful for all of the flowers that had been put there for him. CANADA CALLING Before the end of the show a lady appeared “ she told me that she had been living in a second-floor flat in Toronto, Canada. Someone in the audience immediately stood. My colleague had lived in Toronto in a second floor flat, she said. I then began to receive the name Cathy.

Yes, Cathys her relative, the lady confirmed. The spirit began talking to me about watching a film and looking at a collection of images. The lady smiled, When she passed, my work mates and I put together a collage of pictures for her family. This spirit wanted to say that she had visited her relatives while they had been looking at that photo album and it was a very special moment. She also mentioned some old film reels. That would be to do with her sisters, acknowledged the lady in the audience, they had films and photos that they were collating in her memory. Its coming up to the date that she passed away and Ive been thinking of her lots lately. The spirit wanted me to let her know that she was happy in heaven and she didnt want her colleague to worry about her any more. It was lovely to have this spirit at the show “ she was sending lots of love to her colleague, and it was a moving way to end the night.

Messages From Beyond

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