Messy Side Braid Hairstyles – Inspired by Alexander Wang

So today, I will be showing you how to do a messy side braid inspired by Alexander Wang spring/summer 2010 collection it is been a really popular hairstyle and, I just you know that magazines you know in different runways and on the streets you know like stylish girls sporting this look everywhere you know all around the world. So it is a really easy to look to pull off as you can tell I’m wearing my lucky hair extensions today. So it is just you know giving me more hair to work with it is going to be a more dramatic look as opposed to just using you know you are here.

So let’s begin for this look you are going to need some bobby pins you are going to need a heat protectant hair elastic or these little ones that you can’t really see um hairbrush and a curling iron I’m using a one-inch enzo milano curling iron. So I’m just gonna start this tutorial we are just pushing all the hair on one side you know you can use your left or right whatever works for you and just brushing through it and then we are just gonna do a simple braid. So just section your hair and three and start braiding.

Messy Side Braid Hairstyles – Inspired by Alexander Wang Photo Gallery

So now that you are done with the break you are going to want to park you here on one side I’m just going to flip over here to my left side you are going to want to curl all this hair that looks kind of like layers. So what I’m going to start doing is just curling the hair that’s fully out and then curling all of us always here that’s left here. So you just you do not know need to section it just going to put some heat protectant and start curling it you do not need any perfect curls the Messier it is the better look.

So just keep that in mind and just count to like seven or eight I’m sorry but, I completely forgot that we are also gonna need a hairspray to set all of this. So I will be right back. So I’m back and, I just got my Elnett hairspray and I’m gonna spray it all over just to make sure everything even though everything looks messy it is still in place and just scrunch it you know play with your hair to make it more messy if you like look.

So this is really it it is really easy and simple to pull off all you need is some bobby pins hairspray and a curling iron and it is a great look to wear in the summer when you are just out you know with your girlfriends or on a date or whatever, I hope you enjoyed it please do not forget to rate the post down below just a thumbs up if you like this post and thank you. So much for subscribing and for reading I will see you guys soon Popeye you you.

Messy Side Braid Hairstyles   Inspired by Alexander Wang

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