Migraine is most commonly a food-related complaint, but an attack can also be triggered by an increase in stress or anxiety. Although aromatherapy is best used as a preventative measure by promoting relaxation as a part of one’s everyday lifestyle, lavender can also ease the pain and severity of an attack.

Apply a cold compress to the temples, using a few drops of lavender oil.

As a preventative measure, use lavender (or other soothing oils) on a daily basis in baths, vaporizers, for massage or as perfume.


Known as the ‘change of life’, this is the time when menstruation ceases. It is frequently characterized by emotional and physical symptoms of ill-health such as headaches, hot flushes, depression, rapid mood swings, irritability and the tendency to put on weight.

Due to its regulating and balancing effect, lavender is particularly valuable in helping the body to adjust at this difficult time.

Use lavender oil in baths, vaporizers and for massage, according to specific symptoms.

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