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Then, just before the season started, he injured his shoulder. He never did get to play in a college game. But Freddie graduated from college and had a successful career in sales.

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A successful athlete with his optimistic outlook and his kindness towards people could succeed at just about anything. Today he has a wonderful family, including a son who won a golf scholarship to Southern Methodist University.

And Freddie, who had trouble selecting the words that could express his feelings to me on our last day at Washington-Wilkes High School, has now written a children’s blog.

Fred did not know, until I called him, how his friendship and inspiration had kept me in the game when things got tough. It came as a surprise to him

You never know who you might be helping

He surprised me, too, when he wrote to me afterwards and said that I had helped him get through some tough times.

In all those years, I had never imagined that I could have inspired Fred Whittemore in any way.

“I did not realize how our friendship, even for that short period of time, prepared me for my future,” he wrote to me.

“Had you not come along and showed me that moving into a new town could be done by a teenager and could have positive results, I don’t know if I would have had the determination to stick with it when it got tough.

“I’m sitting here now thinking, ‘How ironic that two 17-year-olds would become friends so quickly and how that friendship formed their character.’ Somebody up there liked us, and looked after us.”

Somebody certainly looked after me, because I know I didn’t do it on my own.

Fred Whittemore inspired me to stay in the game. He is still an inspiration to me today.

Workout and Fitness system gave me what I needed to become a winner.

I owe them both more than I can ever repay. All I can do is pay it forward and share with others what I have learned.

Mini Trampoline Exercises For Weight Loss

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