MODELING WITH RINGS AND LARGE LIGHTS AND SHADES SHADOW COLORS Shadowing colors for correction makeup are usually three shades darker than the base. More... MODELING WITH RINGS AND LARGE LIGHTS AND SHADES


Shadowing colors for correction makeup are usually three shades darker than the base. More shadows may be needed for stronger age differences. Gray and brown shades are preferred for the shade. It is convenient to use two shading colors for character makeup, a middle (which is applied first) and a deep, which adds depth to the shadows.

The middle shadow is either a greyed version of the foundation color, or a shadow containing a redder color in the base. In fair make-up, very cold shades tend to look dirty for base color. If the player wears a red costume, more red than usual can be used in the shadows.

The deep shadow should be moderately deeper in the shadows in value. Low values and intensities of red are mostly used for Caucasian make-up and for some American Indians. For oriental make-up, the shading colors are of course lighter than the Caucasians, but never more red than the foundation color. For darker skinned races, the shading colors for makeup are medium and the skin will of course be darker. Caucasian, Indian and Oriental shading colors should be much less red than fundamentally. One exception is the use of black in shades for black skinned niggers.


There is no universal shading color suitable for all base colors.

The shadow color determines the creativity of the makeup artist.

Medium and deep gray shade colors are all handy at the same time. Of course, one of them can be mixed with other colors to make them darker, darker, or to change the simple color. Or you can blend in every makeup to make it come out with the foundation color you use your own shading color. If your own mix has a shadow color, mix a kit that you find useful with different foundation colors in a small test chamber and heat it on a gas flame, a candle or an electric cooker, then empty small containers or a palette for future use.

How to Make Shaded Makeup?
To make sure that the makeup finishes the player’s face, always be aware that every light and every shadow is related to the structure of the face, that it contains bones, gristle, shavings, oiliness and skin. To prove it, style your entire face with light and shadows to reveal the bony structure and bring it to the flesh and muscle effect.

Begin to cover the entire face with a medium deep mold, cream or oil paint foundation in an appropriate shadow for aging. This may be a color that is greyed out from warm color shades. Later, using a pale cream or ivory color, the light areas of the face can appear to be medium and old, as well as more prominent and drooling flesh in the bones.

Since highlights make up a real makeup, the color of the character that appears in the strong light is the color of the skin, they will usually be a higher value for the foundation color. For correction makeup, normally the three shades will be slightly larger for clearer and very light aging effects. Create a difference between foundation color and high light for a larger aging effect.

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