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MAGIC CIRCLE Designed by Carlo Colombo for Italian lighting brand Penta, the Je Suis lamp features a base of Carrara white marble, with orb-shaped shades in white blown glass and silver, or in transparent blown glass and silver. Available as a table lamp and fl oor lamp, Je Suis brings to mind a fortune teller’s crystal ball or a wizard’s sceptre.

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When used as fl ints in prehistoric times, stone became responsible for the fi rst man-made fi res. As the substance that sparked the earliest human light source, it brought warmth and brightness into the lives of our cave-dwelling ancestors. Although we’ve come a long way since, stone and light still have a symbiotic relationship that leads to beautiful design.
While wood is warm and cosy, and metal sleek and modern, the rugged beauty of stone can transform a humble lamp into a striking and sophisticated work of art. “Natural stones have been used as structural and decorative elements in architecture since ancient times, from the Colosseum in Rome to the Great Wall of China,” says Kelvin Bing, founder of Renaissance Planners & Designers.
“Stone can bring out the poetic essence of a space.” The most commonly used stone for interior lighting is marble, but other stones—such as onyx, granite and obsidian—have also been used for bases or detailing in lamps and pendant lights. “Accent materials like stone always lend a sleeker, more luxurious edge to the spaces we design,” says Dennis Cheok, creative director of design studio In-Expat x Upstairs_. “I love the ways in which different stones catch light—this can add a tactile dimension to an otherwise very hard material.” Bring the understated elegance of stone to your home with these brilliant pieces.

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