I also suffered from engorgement imagine your chest becoming rock hard and on fire. Imagine your chest becoming rock hard and on fire. By the time a lactation consultant came over to help, I was already way too comfortable with being topless in front of her, my husband and my mother-in-law, who was helping us out that day. My breasts ceased being sexual that very day as my husband massaged my painful clogged milk ducts and later, as the lactation consultant finished the job.

This is the resonating memory I have every time I have to feed my baby and there are people around. I have been very lucky with breastfeeding in front of people, especially with friends and family. We have not been going out to public places much, but I didn’t encounter any trouble the one time I fed inside a restaurant. I’m crossing my fingers that our next encounters will be similar. The times, they are indeed a-changing.

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