Monika Radulovic

She’s So Rad This month’s model Monika Radulovic is a former Miss Universe Australia and a psychology graduate, so naturally she has a sweet party-season survival guide… What’s your go-to party outfitt In the summer there’s nothing that makes me feel sexier than a pair of cute shorts, a slinky cami and some heels. Do you have a secret for dancing (all night) in heels?

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Wear shoes you’ve worn-in to avoid blisters. Extra points for wedges, they’re so comfy! Any tips for nailing the perfect party selfi e? Yes, one word: Lighting! Great natural lighting can really take your selfi e to the next level. And everyone looks better with a smile. How do you dodge festiveseason stress? Whenever I find myself getting anxious, I close my eyes, take a few deep breaths and focus on three things I’m grateful for.

As simple as it sounds, it can make a huge difference because it forces you to focus on what makes you happy, and you can’t be stressed and happy at the same time. And your social-season wellness strategy? I believe we all deserve to let our hair down and indulge a little bit. I don’t stress if I eat naughty foods, but I like to maintain some sort of daily fi tness routine, even if that just means going for a walk. If I move my body every day I feel so much bette r (and get over that food coma much faster!).

Monika Radulovic

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