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We enter a brightly lit shipbuilding facility in northern Italy, our eyes instantly drawn to the yacht at its centre—the MCY 105, the flagship model of Monte Carlo Yachts. Placed on a platform as its construction continues, the elevated position offers a unique insight into the yacht’s naval-inspired design. Its prominent bow rises majestically above us, with an elegant line of porthole windows dotting the sides of its hull. Headquartered in Monfalcone since its inception in 2018, Monte Carlo Yachts is a brand on the rise, backed by the shipbuilding expertise of French manufacturer Bénéteau Group and brokered in Singapore by Simpson Marine.

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It has since bagged a string of awards for its streamlined design as well as for its modular shipbuilding process, which sees the different parts of the boat built simultaneously. The three main components— the superstructure, deck and interior—are constructed in parallel, with fi breglass injected into separate moulds to create these key parts before being assembled together with metal frames at the end. This innovative process is said to shorten the time of production by up to 50 per cent—the smaller yachts can be produced and delivered within four months. A strong part of the yacht maker’s identity is its taste for seafaring adventures, both in its design and its brand philosophy. “The customer isn’t just buying a MCY yacht, but entering into a new yachting experience with their purchase,” says Fabrizio Iarrera, the managing director of the brand, during our visit to Monfalcone. “We want to create ‘future classics’ in terms of the design and interior style of the yacht, while providing comfort and safety in all sea conditions on board.” He adds: “In Italy, boating doesn’t just mean sailing for pleasure—it’s a part of our culture.”


Rather than taking Iarrera at his word, we set sail aboard one of the brand’s yachts to get a sense of that nautical inclination. During the leisurely cruise along the coast of Trieste, the beauty of several design details becomes readily apparent as I explore the spaces of the MCY 86. As I walk down the passageways along the sides of the yacht, I’m shielded from the elements by tinted screens (dubbed “fashion plates”) that also up the privacy factor. Upstairs, a recessed recreation area at the bow offers the best vantage views on board. As I wander through the rooms, I admire how the nautical-style porthole windows instantly remind me that I’m at sea.

The streamlined design that defi nes each boat is an inspired mix of style and functionality. “We believe a boat needs to be able to brave the waves and all weather conditions, and we need a high bow to do that,” explains Nuvolari. “So the yacht’s high bow is reminiscent of a naval ship.” He adds that the recessed area at the bow is another distinctive feature, which creates another recreational space for the owner and guests to dine and enjoy the views while safely manoeuvring the yacht.

The art of luxury is omnipresent, too. While descending the steps to the lower deck, I notice the curved stairwell is clad in woven leather by Bottega Veneta, next to a bookshelf-inspired wallpaper by Hermès at its entrance. Within the cabins, each room is clad in a luxurious mix of textures. Multiple types of marble, for instance, are used as surfaces for the basin, fl ooring and walls in the ensuite bathroom, while every inch of the bedroom area incorporates a perfect mix of wood, carpeting and leather. This decadent material palette feels curiously cohesive—I later learn that this vast variety is par for the course for the superyacht experience.


To better understand the design concept of each vessel, we visit Nuvolari Lenard in Scorzè the following day. The yacht maker roped in the Italian design fi rm from the very start, fostering a close-knit relationship that sees many boat buyers visiting the studio as part of the customisation process. Led by Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard, the practice specialises in yacht design and naval architecture, and is often involved in the interior ambience of boats produced by Monte Carlo Yachts, to create a cohesive look both indoors and out.

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