1 lb. mashed bean curd

2 oz. minced chicken

8 egg whites

1 oz. sherry

Salt, sesame oil and chicken fat to taste

7-8 dried mushrooms soaked in water

2 oz. rape leaves or other greens

1 omelette made of 2 beaten eggs

Several pieces of cooked bamboo shoots

A bit of minced ham

1/2 oz. pepper powder

2 cups clear broth

To Prepare:

1. Add the chicken, egg whites, salt and sherry to the bean curd. Mix thoroughly. Cover a plate with sesame oil and spread the bean curd mixture on the plate. Place the mushrooms on the bean curd in the shape of a tree. Place rape leaves and small pieces of omelette on the branches to make it look like a cassia tree. Use the cooked bamboo shoots and minced ham to construct a rabbit and place on the bean curd. Steam for 20 minutes.

2. Add sherry, salt and pepper powder to the broth and bring to a boil. Season it to taste and sprinkle with chicken fat- Pour the soup into the bean curd dish and serve.


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