More About the Kapha Menu

A mainstay in any Kapha menu is a green leafy salad that includes several types of lettuce and other fresh greens. Tossed green salads are an especially good daily staple for Kapha because they not only add texture and color to a meal, they contribute some of the bitter, astringent, and pungent tastes we want in a balanced menu. A squeeze of lemon, lime, or orange juice, or a simple vinaigrette is enough to pleasantly dress Kaphas salad. For other Kapha menus choose any of the salad dressings in this blog.

They have been rated good for all body types.

The Light Corn Bread is a sweet, salty, hot, light bread that is good for both Kapha and those wanting to reduce weight. As with many other Kapha-reducing foods, corn bread is good to eat as part of a light evening meal. Cornmeal has a hot quality that is experienced after eating rather than in the mouth. This is good for Kapha. Spread the corn bread with a little raw honey rather than butter.
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More About the Kapha Menu

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