Muffins are the single white female of the food world – they sound innocent, but behind the scenes, they are often ferrying in more than a third of a woman’s daily energy needs – one choc chip at a time. Enter Muffin Break’s new range of low-carb treats containing around 47 per cent fewer kJs and some 75 per cent less sugar than old-school peers. $4 at Muffin Break outlets nationally.

The minimum percentage of usual daily calories consumed by people undertaking faux fasting in a recent study published in Cell Metabolism. Participants in a pilot human trial of the fasting-mimicking diet consumed no more than 54 per cent of regular daily calories.

As well as reducing trunk fat without undermining muscle and bone mass, the regimen with a specific macronutrient ratio reduced biomarkers for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. USE IT: Every two months, spend five days straight water fasting after consulting your GP, of course. Fasting is not suitable for people with a BMI of less than 18 or those receiving insulin, metformin or similar drugs.

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