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Writing for other artists has helped craft her own sound and writing credits can be found on Martina McBride’s When You Love A Sinner, Miranda Lambert’s Mama’s Broken Heart and Deana Carter’s That’s Just Me and I Don’t Want To to name just a few.

SAME TRAILER DIFFERENT PARK was produced by Shane McAnally and Luke Laird, Nail art hawaiian flowers and also heavily features Shane as a co-writer. I asked how she came to meet Shane.

He was one of the first people I met in town, he’s just such a brilliant lyricist. His phrasing is very different, you can immediately tell when Shane’s been a part of a song I think. Luke Laird is another person, they both produced the record with me, so is very integral to what I’m doing. We’ll just continue making music – you do not fix what is not broken. 

The moment Kacey really made a stand for the world to see was at the recording of CMT Crossroads with Katy Perry. The two were seen in outfits made by the same stylist, one bought neon cactus, the other neon palm trees and it was a perfect fit between the two performers on stage. Katy says of Kacey: It’s very exciting to have artists who have something to say, and I feel like she’s a fantastic writer with a perspective that needs to be shared. In the recorded interview Kacey admits it is acid western and it worked a treat for fans of both artists, but also in bringing a new and fresh perspective of country to potential fans and younger generations. When I ask Kacey about the experience she’s still buzzing. We had a blast! All of us did. It was really interesting because a lot of band members knew a lot of her band members from other various projects in the past so there was already this feeling of camaraderie and I had worked with her a little bit for her record, writing and being around her a little so we didn’t come into this situation completely cold. Katy and I got to each throw in part of ourselves that really make us us. She bought some neon palm trees, I bought neon cacti. My stylist Hayley Atkin got to design outfits for both of us that coincide but also were unique to our personalities and we started to create this world and had fun singing each others songs which are pretty far apart stylistically, but I think that’s why it worked so well.

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Nail art hawaiian flowers

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