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Nail color blue dress on Evidently she knew a good thing when she saw it. Art Koster was definitely a good thing. Jess turned a corner and found herself back on Sheridan Road, stately homes to one side, Lake Michigan to the other. How long had she been circling the dark streets of Evanston? Long enough for it to have started raining, she realized, activating the car’s windshield wipers, seeing one of them stick, drag itself across the car’s window in what was obviously a Herculean effort. Rain then, not snow, she thought, not sure which she preferred. A fog was rolling in from the lake. October was always the least dependable of months, she thought, full of ghosts and shadows. People always raved about the glorious colors of autumn, the reds, oranges and yellows that disrupted, then replaced, the omnipresent green of summer. Jess had never shared their enthusiasm. Nail color blue dress 2016.

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Nail color blue dress

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