Nappy liners are used inside the nappy against the baby’s skin.

There are three main types:

1 Ordinary disposable liners save soiling of the nappy.

2 One-way disposable liners save soiling of the nappy and keep the baby’s skin dry.

3 One-way fabric liners (Marathon) work the same way as one-way disposable liners but can be washed and re-used indefinitely.

Ordinary disposable nappy liners are about the same size as a man’s handkerchief and are made from fibre. Their main purpose is to keep the nappy from becoming too soiled, and may be kinder against the baby’s skin than a nappy. They are flushed down the toilet after use, leaving the nappy easier to clean. One-way disposable nappy liners are made from non-woven fabric with tiny holes in it and treated to make it water repellent. The urine passes through the perforations into the nappy and is held there because of the water repellent coating on the liner. In this way irritation from bacteria in the urine is cut down, helping prevent nappy rash.

Although disposable nappy liners are meant to be used only once, they can be washed at least once and reused if they are not too dirty. You can also cut a liner in two while the baby is very small. Like ordinary nappy liners, they save on soiling of the nappy.

One-way washable fabric liners are made from an open-weave knitted fabric which lets urine through into the nappy, keeping the baby’s skin dry. They are usually square and are meant to be washed and reused for a long time. In many respects they work like one-way disposables, but are probably more efficient.

Initially they are fairly expensive, but should last as long as your nappies. Keep in mind extra work and cost as they will have to be laundered, but they are still less expensive to use than disposable liners.

Do not use cream on the baby’s skin when using a one-way liner as it blocks the perforations in the liner and prevents it from functioning properly. Never use borax as a rinse for nappies or nappy liners – it is highly poisonous and can be absorbed through the skin.

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