Feelings of nausea can arise from a variety of different causes including motion or travel sickness, a viral infection, digestive problems, pregnancy or emotional anxiety or tension. Lavender is indicated specifically for sickness due to ‘nerves’ or an emotional upset, especially if the upset is accompanied by digestive symptoms.

Inhale lavender directly from a tissue, or vaporize in the room.

For nausea with indigestion, gently massage the solar plexus/ abdomen in a clockwise direction using 3 drops of lavender in 1 tsp carrier oil.

Other oils: chamomile may be used in a similar way to lavender; peppermint is indicated for travel sickness.

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When she had gone to her local community hospital with complications, she had no idea it would be three months before she would see her son and be home again. The stress of her middle-of-the-night admission, the great distance from her family and friends, and the bed rest restrictions put on her was too much for her to handle. She was set on going home and seeing her son, even though the medical team had told her this would put her baby’s life at risk. She was so caught up in the guilt of being away from her son, that all she could think about was seeing him again. A couple of the moms from my unit sat with her, letting her cry. We then explained that we were all moms who had left our children at home, and were feeling the same mom guilt. But we were also moms to the babies growing in our bellies, and at this time, the babies in our bellies needed their moms to care for them. We needed to focus our attention on these babies; doing everything we could to help keep them safe, just like our partners or family members were at home keeping our other children safe. After an hour of crying and other moms sharing their fears, concerns, and stories, the mother calmed down. She realized she wasn’t alone and that the women around her were going through the same challenges.


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