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Don’t let life get in the way of your midday meal! Two dieticians and an osteopath spill what’s in their brown bags and how they manage to stay on track, even when they’re in a hurry.

Counsels clients at Living Proof Nutrition Strength and Pilates (

THE PERFECT lUNCH SHOULD HAVE: “My daily dose of dense nutrition in a glass, aka my superfood smoothie,” says Jubilee. “It usually includes: one serving Vanilla Shakeology; 12 ounces chilled water; two ice cubes; one tablespoon organic peanut butter; one tablespoon pure peanut butter powder (for extra protein and thickness); two to three shakes of cinnamon; and one teaspoon maple extract.” She mixes it up at her desk and varies the flavor profile from time to time, so she never gets bored.

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WHAT SHE PACKS: “My alternate go-to lunch is a delicious combo of Sunneen Health Foods tabbouleh and chickpea salads. “Super tasty, high fiber, vegan, with 14 grams of protein,” says Jubilee.

STORE BOUGHT lUNCH STAP1ES: A. Vanilla Shakeology ($129.95 for 30 servings;; B. Peanut Butter Powder by Hoosier Hill Farm ($11.99 per pound;; C. Sunneen Health Foods Garbanzo Salata ($3.59 for 8 ounces; for stores).

WHERE SHE lUNCHES: Dig Inn Seasonal Market. “They source seasonal and local, farm-fresh ingredients in a variety of tasteful options. My clients love grabbing lunch there,” says Jubilee, who routinely orders the wild sockeye salmon, Brussels sprouts and a side of roasted carrots with kale-pumpkin seed pesto. As a bonus, all of the nutritional information is available online.

Chief nutrition officer of Terra’s Kitchen (

THE PERFECT LUNCH SHOULD HAVE: “As a busy mom who often works from home, my idea of the perfect lunch, especially after Pilates or yoga, is leftovers from dinner the night before provided by our Terra’s Kitchen meal-delivery service—the absolute best concept for working moms who want to provide fresh- prepped, easy-to-follow, gourmet meals for their family,” recommends Davis.

WHAT SHE PACKS: Any variety of hummus with whole¬wheat pita chips; frozen, pre-cooked edamame; and peanut butter on bananas.

STORE BOUGHT LUNCH STAPlES: A. Gluten-free, no-sugar-added Previnex vanilla protein ($58.50 for 27.5 ounces; for shakes; B. Pressed Juicery Greens juice ($45 for 6 juices in the sample pack;; C. Garlicky Quinoa from Terra’s Kitchen (meals range from $11.99-$18.99;

WHERE SHE LUNCHES: It’s a rare day when Dr. Davis grabs lunch out, but when she does, she likes the chain Sweetgreen. “I grab a grain bowl or signature salad because I know the ingredients are organic, locally sourced and just arrived that morning,” she says. She recommends the 430-calorie Spicy Sabzi, which packs quinoa and roasted organic tofu.

Vicky Vlachonis, MS, Beverly hills

Chief wellness officer for Gaea (; clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Katy Perry and Pharell Williams.

THE PERFECT LUNCH SHOULD HAVE: “My perfect lunch is a soup and salad. I know it sounds boring, but it’s the furthest thing from boring!” says Vlachonis.

WHAT SHE PACKS: The osteopath and musculoskeletal specialist turns to salads with fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds, and also adds protein like quinoa, eggs, chicken or turkey. One of her regular dishes is a soup blend of pumpkin, sweet potatoes and onions. Her book, The Body Doesn’t Lie (HarperOne, 2014) includes easy-to-make recipes.

New Course in Nutrition & Dietetics Coming Soon!

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