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Protein Filled Mud mask For New Hair Stylers

This recipe grows and strengthens your hair, brings hair back into form and gives time trusted



1 cup aloe vera juice/coconut milk

2 cups Nupur henna mixture (see below)

Your favorite moisture rinse out conditioner

1 large egg, beaten

2 1/2 tbsps coconut oil

4 tbsps agave nectar/honey


1. Combine ayurvedic henna mixture with coconut milk or aloe vera juice together in a bowl.

2. Stir well until well combined.

3. Measure in the coconut oil, beaten egg and the moisture rinse out conditioner.

4. Stir well to evenly distribute.

5. Apply by massaging into your hair ends, hair strands, hair roots and scalp.

6. Leave on for 60-180 minutes.

7. Cover hair with a plastic cap or wrap

8. Wash off with water and a protein-free, rich in moisture conditioner.

TIP: This gives your hair a glowing and popping feel.

NOTE: a) Avoid bending, much movement that may affect the position of your hair while the mud mask is still in your hair. This prevents hair from knotting and tangling. b) Ayurvedic henna mixture ( Brahmi, hibiscus powder, shikakai, aloe vera, amla, bhringraj, neem, and jatamansi powders).

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New Hair Stylers

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