New Mom Tries Hair Extensions for the First Time EMOTIONAL

Oh, I can’t wait I’m gonna have my mermaid moment and that’s gonna be amazing and I’m gonna do just like, I do not even know if there’s, I mean I will probably cry I’m a crier I’m sorry breathing cold, I can make calls collide hold tight basically, I was like okay like this is my chance you know being a young mom budgets always tight right you know the last person to spend any money on is gonna be yourself and then, I just about died when the you guys messaged me back, I was. So excited, I just feel it like grateful to be here to take a day for me for once thank God, I need it see everything like you felt like it shove it oh yeah you like it. I have always had that thick thick thick hair wouldn’t get the four-month postpartum shed and your hair is just coming out in clumps you are not feeling your best for sure.

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So for me, I was kind of going through that. So, I went through a little bit of a hair coloring change as well, I just needed something you know to give me that zoom Sur confidence that’s me from googling if you like is my hair falling out forever like what is happening except Sun Deluxe’s are. So strong most of the time, I think you do not need to tease it and they put really really snug to the roots which is awesome, I have done this about everything that they tell you not to do to your hair Under the Sun.

I’ve got it myself, I bleached it myself. I have been dark brown. I have been blond the next month fourteen year old oh this is a really good idea no it is not do not feel.

So light it feels great you like it. So excited to see it yeah, I think the colors are coming together really really well, I think the only thing that. I have ever actually spent time on on myself is my hair just because, I for some reason think, I can do it but that’s not the case usually.

So for me that’s one of the pieces that comes for me for confidence. So when it comes to hair when my hair is really off which it has been that piece of confidence kind of gets lost oh my god John That’s not me, I love it Wow holy God never in my life, I feel like a Victoria’s Secret model holy you.

New Mom Tries Hair Extensions for the First Time EMOTIONAL

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