Nicole Ortega

For a young Nicole Ortega, luxury was all about fur and lavish baubles accompanied by first-class shopping trips around the world. Now that she has taken on being a sensible lifestyle blogger, luxury took a turn to something more existential. “Today, luxury is all about feeling comfortable in your own skin. spending quality time with family. A delicious meal is definitely a most luxurious experience for me. oh, and sleep quality sleep,” she quips. Although she never plans on big purchases, Nicole is currently on the hunt for that timeless yet sexy nude pointed pump.

“I could not define luxury, really. It is something you just know and feel,” shares retail and luxury maven, Rhoda Campos. The turning tides in luxury fashion piques the interest of Rhoda. Although luxury fashion brands redefine luxury in their own point of view, it is also defined by the customer depending on their wants and needs. Today, she defines luxury as quality time with loved ones, good health and financial freedom to once in a while, spoil yourself and your family. Rhoda’s choice of indulgence is a classic Patek Philippe watch. “If they ever reproduce it, I would love to have a Patek Philippe 1939 Platinum World Time,” she shares.

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Nicole Ortega

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