I went on a beach trip with my barkada, and my best friend and I had to share a room with our friend and his new GF. A few hours after we checked in, I went back to the room only to walk in on them going at it. I ran out more embarrassed than they were (they seemed to have continued their business). They spent practically the whole trip indoors, and we barely got to use the hotel room. I’m never rooming with any couple friends again!”


“After a wild night of drinking, my friends and I got some fast food. Just as I was ordering, my friend in the seat behind me suddenly stuck her head out and puked practically into the drive-thru window! Thank God her barf hit the street, not the counter. ina, 28


“My guy and I had really hot car sex one night in my village and we were pretty sure the car’s tint was dark enough that no one would see us. When we got out afterwards, we realized that there was a teenager sitting outside the whole time and the windshield wasn’t tinted at all. No wonder he was smirking when we came out. REGINA, 22

My younger brother tagged along on a night out in BGC, and he disappeared with a group of girls.

I couldn’t find him and decided to leave, but when I got to my car, I found him there hooking up with my best friend’s younger sister, who he’s super protective of. We ended up driving her home while I lectured them about being discreet. Before she got out, all she said was, Please do not tell kuya. Yep, I’m taking that to the grave.- james, 29


I forgot my grandparents were coming to visit and had a girl stay over. When they arrived, I asked her to bail out the window. paul, 30

We straighten out the must-knows about your down-theres, from cleansing to protecting yourself from infection, to everything in between.

Myth: You only need water and bath soap to keep your V clean

Fact: Although it may seem more convenient to use only one product for your whole body, it is important to realize that soap may be too harsh for your vagina. Even if your favorite soap is labeled as a mild product, it probably is not mild enough for your intimate area. The good bacteria that protect you from irritation may be getting killed off by your soap, leaving you vulnerable to infection. Wisen up and start using a mild wash specifically formulated for your vagina.



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