Do Not Adjust Your Skin Clean

To show the eyes bigger and to shade the eye pit, the curves of the eyebrows become more obvious and the eyebrows can be opened by removing eyebrows from both sides of the nose.

The look is a surprise, but at the same time it can be tried as an arc shape to add a cohesive meaning. If you want to give the face a serious and hard look, you can try triangular eyebrow shape.

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The Thickness of Using Lipstick

Dear ladies, whether you are overweight or very thin, but you have not used red lipstick, you are not considered to have discovered yourself. To me, beauty means being comfortable in your own skin or challenging with a red lipstick.

You should try the shades of red going to your skin. If you take a little effort, you will see your difference and charm if you take into consideration your skin color, lipsfilling, hair color.

If your skin is light, choose a red with blue tones.

If you have a lively and pinkish skin, you should choose a pinkish red.

If you have a skin in wheat tones close to the forehead, you can choose hot red tones based on orange, golden yellow or brown.

If your skin is dark brown, the shiny fusia-red tones will look great.
When you wear red lipstick, your eye makeup, your skin should not be too much. You must have your focal point lips.

First apply your moisturizer to your lips and apply a very thin layer of foundation. Identify the lip contour with your lip pencil in the appropriate shades of your lipstick. Stay within the bounds of your mouth.

fashion Apply your lipstick as a thin layer as a liner.

Take the excess with the napkin and see the energy that the red lipstick face gives after driving the second coat.

When you wear red lipstick, your dress must be simple and stylish. Believe that jeans are a pair of pants and a white shirt and a red lipstick will make you different and attractive. But the most important element is to have a clean and well-maintained skin.

Do Not Adjust Your Skin Clean

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