The sweetness of nutmeg goes nicely with dairv products, cooked fruits, vegetables, and dahls. Ayurveda recommends increasing the use of nutmeg in the diet during hay fever season. When added to warm
milk, nutmeg promotes sleep (as does the milk). Rice made with ghee and nutmeg has superior eating qualities. It is a nourishing spice for Vata and Pitta types.

A brilliant yellow powder, turmeric is generally heated in oil before mixing with other ingredients. It plays a useful culinary role as the unifying herb among many. When cooked with other spices, turmeric tends to pull all the flavors of a dish together and turns everything a brilliant yellow. Ayurveda considers turmeric a good blood purifier and skin tonic. Slighdy bitter, astringent, and pungent, hot and dry, turmeric is one of the best spices for reducing Kapha and good for Vata and Pitta in moderation.


Sweet, bitter, and astringent ground cardamom is at its best when heated with milk, included in sweet main dishes, and in baking sweet breads and cookies. Because of its sweetness, Kapha types should use less cardamom than Vata and Pitta types. It makes a good spice for a warming winter drink.


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