Ny Times Bad Eating Habits


In order to help you connect with your soul self, there are a variety of simple tasks you can do. Try one of the following suggestions in the morning or evening, or before starting a difficult conversation, when you feel hurt, or just pick any time that works for you.

Soul self exercises

1. Take at least a 30-minute silent walk in nature.

2. Go off so you can be alone somewhere and listen to beautiful music.

3. Think of a difficult situation youre in and how someone you consider very spiritual (e.g., Jesus, Buddha, or the Dalai Lama) would respond if in the same situation.

4. Sit quietly, close your eyes, andfocus on your breathing for at least 5 minutes.

5. Go watch the sunset or moonrise in complete silence.

After you have done at least one of the above exercises, write below what it was like for you, what you may have noticed or felt.

Soul self exercise:

My experience:

We suggest you experiment with these exercises and see how they feel and what, if anything, might be different from your normal state. Your journal might be the best place to explore your thoughts andfeelings after each exercise.


Take a minute to write down a few questions or concerns that have come up for you so far while working through this Key.

See if your concerns and questions get answered as you proceed in the worksecrets, but if not, the resources we give might also help. And do not forget that it helps to share your experience with others. You can always write to us on our 8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder  Facesecrets page.


Are you aware of how you pay attention? Are you easily distracted? Can you quiet your mind? Can you sit and notice feelings without reacting to them? Are you aware of what you tend to pay attention to? Do you pay more attention to the size of your thighs or the size of your heart, the number on the scale, or the number of kind acts you initiated today, how many calories you have eaten, or how many people smiled at you? What you choose to pay attention to affects everything. Energy follows thought. Think about that statement for a minute. It is a simple phrase but a very important concept to grasp. Whatever you are thinking about, whatever you are paying attention to, is where your precious energy goes, directing and affecting your whole life. Most people have no idea they have the ability to control where their mind goes.

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Ny Times Bad Eating Habits

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