Ditching a high-flying corporate career to pursue your ice cream food dream takes grit. But to Cocofrio founder Tintin Sealey, the void in the dairy- and gluten-free dessert market simply couldnt go unfilled. She tells us about her inspiration to restart her career and pursue a life in the wellness revolution with health, happiness and coconut ice cream.

My resolutions for 2016 are to eat well and be more disciplined when it comes to exercise and leisure. Everyone has one or two indulgences when it comes to food. I’m no exception!

Everything revolves around health. Your family, your business, your career and your life. As the yoga guru B.K.S. Iyengar said, Your body is your temple. Keep it clean and pure for the soul to reside in. For me, health isnt something short term such as losing weight or superficial such as building muscles, but about why you eat what you eat and what motivates you to exercise.

I was inspired to create Cocofrio Ice Cream because, well, I love ice cream! And I wanted to introduce a dairy-free version of it to my friends and family.

I grew up in Java, where we have many varieties of iced desserts that are made using coconut milk. Milk and dairy were not a part of many Asian culinary traditions for centuries; coconut milk is not an alternative to milk where I come from, it is the first choice. In Australia, I met many people who were either lactose intolerant or suffered from food allergies associated with dairy. I thought, why not introduce my childhood coconut iced desserts to them? Cocofrio ice cream recipes naturally evolved from the Asian tradition of using coconut milk to make iced desserts.

The best thing about making dairy-free ice cream is learning how peoples eating habits influence health. One of the reasons why I started Cocofrio was so that I could be a part of the wellness revolution. Consumers are willing to make a healthier choice as long as


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