Olivia Wilde Hairstyles And Best Beauty Looks

The lovely Katy Perry is known for her role in the hit show Rosewood. We love this style on her. The hair is cut in long layers. You can maintain this look by applying a good hair butter and wrapping the hair at night. In the morning add just a few curls if needed.

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This way you avoid using too much heat on your hair or your extensions (if you use them) as well as the leave-out.

My hair is natural. How often should I oil my scalp and how do I keep my hair in place without a hard, drying hairspray?

The health of your hair depends on a healthy scalp. Too much oil (sebum) and sweat can clog the follicles and inhibit healthy hair growth. Too little oil can cause the scalp to be dry and flaky. It is important to keep a balance. Know how long you can go before your scalp gets dry, then apply accordingly. Use quality essential oils. To keep your hair in place try Cantu Coconut Oil Shine & Hold Mist.

I am very dissatisfied with my new relaxer-it didn’t take. Since I did it myself, can I do it over again right away?

No, no and no! You risk overprocessing your hair if you don’t know what you’re doing. And even though your hair may not look straight, you now have chemically treated hair. Visit a stylist and talk about your options. He or she may be able to get your hair up to speed. Normally, you should wait six weeks between relaxer touch-ups.

I want to try a wig or some clip-in pieces to give my real hair a rest once in a while. How do I choose the best option for me?

Wigs and clip-in pieces are great alternatives to weaves. For wigs, we prefer those with natural parts because they look more natural. You might also try using partial units that allow some of your real hair to be blended in. Clip-ins offer you the option of removing the hair and then reattaching it. We suggest investing in quality hair pieces.

I’m going from relaxed to natural hair, and I want to hold on to as much length as possible. Do you have any style and hair care advice?

Shampoo and deep-condition your hair regularly. After you deep-condition, use a top-notch leave-in conditioner. We love the one from My DNA. This is a lightweight conditioner that helps to strengthen the hair and seal cuticles while providing moisture and shine. Also, pamper your ends and try to use lower heat settings on your tools. For a style idea, try two-strand twisting your hair to the scalp in vertical rows. Allow your hair to dry. Once it is completely dry, take out the twists or braids, then finger-comb to style. You should wind up with a great wave pattern!

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