Oval Face Long Hairstyles 

I found in all of my product trials that the best product for defining curls is a good hair conditioner. I also found that the best tools for defining my curls are my hands and fingers. I have discovered that the best way to uncover the needs of my curls was to ask my curls and pay attention to what they were communicating to me. I know this sounds funny, but I’m actually very serious about this

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As I mentioned earlier, I found the most challenging part of my hair was the hair in the crown of my head. I call that part “my special girl”. I realized that she needed extra attention. I remember one day in a “frustrating hair moment” praying out loud a prayer that went something like this……”Lord, I’m going to need you to clue me in to what your original thinking was in regards to the care and maintenance of my hair.

I would appreciate your letting me know what products and methods I need to use in order to achieve the look that this hair was intended to have!” Well I want you to know that that prayer was answered and it resulted in me understanding and learning how my curls needed to be defined. I have since helped many naturals to discover and manifest the natural curl pattern of their hair.

Oval Face Long Hairstyles 

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