Oval Face Shape Haircuts 

The circle of life

Hair goes through a natural growth cycle throughout our lives, which is dictated by genetics. Genetics also determine the number of hairs on your head and the diameter of each of these hairs.

For most of us, at any given time, the majority of hair fibres are actively growing (anagen phase), while a small number of hair follicles stop growing and preparing to shed (catagen) or taking a break (telogen phase).

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With increasing age, your health and genetics, the number of hair follicles that go on a break (as mentioned above) increases, which can lead to noticeably thinner-looking hair.

Each of these facts is imperative to understanding how your hair grows and what hair is made of. Each of these facts can be manipulated in your favour to enable you to grow lusher, longer, healthier hair in a faster amount of time.

Oval Face Shape Haircuts 

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