Bernard Shaw, in the amusing introduction to his play, Getting Married, says:

No healthy man or animal is occupied with love in any sense for more than a very small fraction, indeed, of the time he devotes to business and to recreations wholly unconnected with love . .

This is very true, and the man whose thoughts are con-stantly dwelling upon love and sex is abnormal. True, some men are more highly sexed than others, and can indulge in. intercourse more frequently; but this is not the same thing as the man whose organs are constantly stimulated, and whose thoughts run along sexual lines more or less all the time Such men are obsessed with sex, and constitute a menace to society. They may become true sex-criminals.

Oversexed men are actually in need of medical treatment, but there are many things they can do to reduce this abnormal craving. Alcohol, much meat, and highly spiced and stimulate ing foods should be avoided. They should join a gymnasium, where they can indulge in strenuous physical exercise, in order to work off some of their superfluous energy. They should live an active, out-door life. If they marry, they should be sure to choose a highly sexed woman, for it would be a catastrophe of the first magnitude for them to marry a woman who is frigid; Any interest or activity which distracts his mind from sex should be cultivated. Cold showers will reduce his immediate craving.

Medical science has, within the past few years, developed new treatments for cases such as these; and if the man really wishes to cure himself, he should consult his physician, who will recommend suitable measures. He owes it to himself and to society to do so.


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