OLIVES For Weight Loss

OLIVES For Weight Loss Black and green olives both supply approx. 80% fat content with the majority of oil being monounsaturated (9g), polyunsaturated (1g) and saturated (1g). Refer... Read more

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The muscle glycogen levels in Groups B and C peaked after 4 days of carbohydrate loading and rose no further. The final values in Group B were about... Read more

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CHO depletion CHO loading (90% CHO diet) The effects of the carbohydrate-depletion/carbohydrate-loading exercise diet regime on muscle glycogen levels. A, B, and C represent three groups of exercisers.... Read more

Holiday Exercise Tips

Effect of Time and Diet Since Last Exercise Bout on Glycogen Stores Immediately after the exercise bout is completed, the glucose produced by the liver is used to... Read more

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Vollestad and Blom (1985) also found that the rate of glycogen breakdown is the same in all ST fibers for the duration of exercise; the authors found that... Read more