For more than 40 years now, Pancake House has served generations of diners who have enjoyed its menu of everyday comfort food. Stepping inside Pancake House harks to an inviting homey place, one that eases stresses away, perks up moods and brings back wonderful memories. With this,

Pancake House introduces its new campaign called #ItsNotThatComplicated, an effort that continuously services the needs of their customers and the reality of their changing lifestyles. As diners get to enjoy pleasant conversations or make friendly connections, they can look forward to Pancake Houses crispy Pan Chicken,

Best Taco in Town, spaghetti with meat sauce and the comforting sweetness that comes with every bite of their favorite pancakes.

Pancake House continues to expand its presence in the metro and other highly urbanized cities in the country. It is also currently introducing the new look of its stores which will be characterized with earthy tones and warm lighting, the perfect ambience to set the mood for a relaxing and casual dining experience.

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