PAPAYA For Weight Loss

PAPAYA For Weight Loss

Papaya are an incredible fruit and one of the best all round healing foods. This golden fruit contains numerous active enzymes that are most valuable for the digestive system. In particular, the enzyme papain is beneficial as a protein digestive aid, and if you have a weak stomach, the ripe golden papaya will be the easiest food to digest. Papaya is an almost unique food source of two enzymes: carpain, which is beneficial for the heart; and also fibrin, for the process of blood clotting. Papain and the enzyme chymopapain are both of great benefit for the healing of burns and for the reduction of inflammations.

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Papaya also supply vitamin E (1mg) and an excellent vitamin C content of 62mg plus a fair amount of vitamin A (1095 IU), in the form of beta cryptoxanthin (761mcg), beta carotene (276mcg) and lutein and zeaxanthin (75mcg). As lutein is heat sensitive, the papaya provides the full benefit. The optic system is well rewarded with the excellent vitamin C plus lutein and zeaxanthin content. If you need to prevent eye deterioration, papaya is pleased to participate. The high beta cryptoxanthin content may help the healing of colon cancer and lung cancer. Papaya is the perfect food for the elderly and young children as it is very easy to digest, no chewing required, and it provides a wealth of healing and digestive benefits. Papaya and its skin can be used directly over wounds for healing, or try papaya gel/ointment any time the skin is damaged. If you need healing, don’t forget papaya power. Papaya has proven healing benefits so if it’s sore, ask for help from the paw paw!

NOTE: d.v. refers to the daily value for women 25-50 years, refer to RDI chart for adult male and child values.

GLYCEMIC CALORIES – total: 47 kcal. per 100 grams

INDEX: 44 Calories from: Carb: 43 Protein: 3 Fat: 1

PAPAYA For Weight Loss

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